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There was a persistent brightness in the sky today. I think it’s called “sun.” And there is brightness in the forecast for this weekend, although with some clouds and occasional thunderstorms. Be not intimidated. Go forth, eat and drink, and enjoy the bounty of Bucks County.

Lots of stuff going on, more than we can possibly get to and continue to see friends, family and our little sailboat too. So be sure and write to us, or add comments to posts, to let us know where you’ve been eating in Bucks.

PicnicWe plan to go to the Slow Food Picnic starting right after the Linden Hill Farmers’ Market on Friday evening. Maybe we’ll see you there. Saturday evening we are going to the Cafe Blue Moose, an organization of young chefs (kids) who prepare dinners and events a couple of times a month here in Bucks. Look for our post about it in the coming days.

The first segment in our video series of Jay and Wes Goddard making their delicious burgers at Basically Burgers in Doylestown will be posted soon. Look for…The Taco Burger.

BarbecueWe’ve posted our first online poll too. Check it out on the sidebar. With July 4th coming, the focus is on meat (apologies to our vegan and vegetarian friends), so we’re asking folks to vote on their favorite place to buy meat.

Since we’re coming into the holiday weekend, I’ve listed events through Thursday, July 2nd. Check out our online calendar, Food Events in Bucks County for more details on any of the events below.


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I’ve always had this thing about focus. When I have my midlife crisis, it might be about starting a business that makes, say, stair risers, or nothing but chocolate ice cream. I’m not sure what it is that attracts me to that kind of thing – maybe I’ve been following too many people on Twitter or something.

Anyway, this is one of the appeals of Basically Burgers, at 12 West State Street in Doylestown: Focus. You go here when you’re in the mood for a burger, or two. You can build your own burger (of up to four patties), or choose from a variety of burger styles, from a basic burger, to a ranch to a Buffalo Bill. If you’re not a big meat eater, they offer veggie burger, a vegan burger, a black bean burger, salmon burgers, ostrich burgers… you get the idea. Just because they stick to their burgers doesn’t mean they don’t have variety. Prices range from $1.75 for a mini-bite to $8.99 for a Taste of Italy two-patty burger, though you could go higher if you went nuts with the add-ons. And that might be tempting. Check out the menu here.

I had a black and bleu burger, which has bleu cheese wrapped in grass-fed, Pennsylvania-raised beef before cooking (I was going to say “Twinkie-style,” but that would be wrong), with sweet potato fries on the side. I ordered it rare, and it came rare. Nodding to Dr. Atkins, I had the burger naked – without a bun – but they happily served it on lettuce and tomato, though I can’t help but grumble about the tomatoes being big-farmed, meaning vague in color and taste. That’s always a shame around here, but on the other hand, it is early in the season. (All the beef here, by the way, is hormone- and antibiotic-free).

I can tell already Basically Burgers is going to be the battlefield between me and Dr. Atkins this summer. First of all, their burgers are too good to eat naked. I’m going to have to get them on a bun. (Note I said “them” – no single patties for me.) Second, they make milk shakes, and you just know a place that takes burgers so seriously is going to put that kind of energy into milk shakes, too. So, I’m going back pretty soon, once the weather’s just a tad warmer, so the good doctor and I can have it out.

Updated April 18 to correct the beef is not Black Angus.

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