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By guest blogger Emily Trostle
Reasonably priced food? Beer that is brewed on-site to complement the menu? I’m there. And the Porterhouse Restaurant and Brew Pub in Lahaska fits the bill.
BeerThe beer vats are the first thing you see as you step into this cozy restaurant. Coming around the corner into the dining area, the comfortable bar beckons. Everything about the place feels welcoming, and that’s just the way Gabe Bond, the general manager, wants it to be. He wants patrons new and old to feel welcomed in this microbrewery restaurant with a neighborhood feel.
Frequented by suits-and-ties, young families and couples, the Porterhouse caters to those with a desire for great food that won’t break the bank. The ambiance is relaxing but not too dark. Most of the employees are Philly sports fans so there’s a good chance one of the multiple flat-screen TVs will be tuned to the evening’s game. Don’t worry, though, if you’re not a fan. The volume is kept low to prevent the sports bar vibe.

The best time to go is evenings in the middle of the week. You can mingle with the regulars and get one-on-one service from the wait staff and bartender. It’s also the best time for more intimate dinners. But if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday evening, go early or call ahead for reservations.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin SandwichBeing fresh out of college, I still try to eat good food for cheap. I typically choose from the sandwich and appetizer menus. The Porterhouse’s roasted pork tenderloin sandwich is my favorite. Upgrade to the sweet potato fries and it’s meal-time heaven for less than $10. The Reuben sandwich is delightful, and the Black and Bleu Burgers are a favorite among my friends. For a light dinner that’s bursting with intense flavor, the Porterhouse salad is just the thing. In short, I’ve yet to taste anything mediocre here.

As for beer, there’s a brew for everyone. The Porterhouse’s brewer, Dean Browne, uses a 10 barrel Pub Brewing system to create unique cask conditioned brews onsite. The restaurant also serves four guest brews on draught and creations from other craft breweries in bottles. (The Web site  lists what’s currently featured.) “Light” beers, bocks, lagers, and ales are usually all available. For the adventurous, fruit-flavored beers are made during the summer months. They also have multiple selections from the Philadelphia Brewing Co. on tap.

Gabe is often found mingling, greeting, and serving dinners so he knows why people are there. Even though the restaurant business is feeling the effects of the poor economy, Gabe sees a different picture at the Porterhouse. “We have our regulars and our menu is consistent, the portion sizes are good and the prices are modest. That’s why people keep coming back.” And when asked to pick his favorite item from the lunch menu? He considers all his options, debates with himself, then comes back to announce, “The buffalo chicken sandwich.”

Whether you’re looking for a good lunch or sit-down family dinner, a lively, fun atmosphere, on a budget or going all-out. I always enjoy bringing new people to the Porterhouse and sharing my little secret with them.

The Porterhouse Restaurant and Brew Pub
5775 Lower York Rd. Lahaska, PA 18931
(on Rt. 202, near the intersection of Rts. 202 & 263)
Phone: 215-794-9373
Web site: www.porterhousepub.com
Hours: 11:30am Tuesday thru Sunday, Closed Mondays
Patrons: Families, couples, loyal regulars
Wi-Fi: Available

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Wine and BeerI have traveled far and wide, to exotic places like California, Missouri and, even New Jersey, and I have seen alcoholic beverages sold in supermarkets. Yes, yes, it’s true. And, now, here in Pennsylvania we can see it too.

Yet another reason to be grateful for Wegmans. According to a recent article in the Intelligencer, Wegmans is now selling six-packs of beer and individual glasses of beer in its Warrington store (the in-store restaurant section). This has been coming for some time – there was discussion about it internally when I worked at Wegmans a couple of years ago. 

In fact, the Rochester supermarket company has been working on this for over a year, trying to manage its way through the byzantine laws governing the selling and purchasing of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania (side note: one of my favorite things to do – explain how we have to buy alcohol in this state to people who aren’t from here, and then watch their stunned faces). Warrington Township was giving them some difficulty as well, rejecting Wegmans 2007 bid to sell beer and wine using an out-of-town permit.

But Wegmans prevailed! The store’s license also allows for the sale of wine, according to the article, but there are no immediate plans to do so. They do plan to sell wine by the glass in the future, however. So, yes, you can now get your Chinese food buffet items, or pizza, or crab cakes, with a nice glass of beer. Cheers!

Update: We visited Wegmans on Sunday and perused the shelves. Very nice selection of beer.

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The Doylestown specialty food store and caterer,  Côté & Co., is sponsoring an Artisanal Beer & Cheese Tasting on Friday, April 24th at 7:30 pm [NOTE: Date change] at their store on 800 North Easton Road. Andy Jarin of B&B Beverages will explain the unique qualities of each artisanal beer selection and Anna & Jerry Perkins of Côté & Co. will discuss the cheese varieties, with plenty of time to chat inbetween courses. Admission is $40.00 per person, $75 for two people. Tickets may be purchased at the store or by contacting kristin.perry@me.com. Enjoy!

[NOTE: This is an update to a previous post.]

See more details about this event and others at our calendar,
Food Events in Bucks County.


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