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Corn on the cobI know I’ve said it before, but it’s really here. Summer, that is. The first local corn is coming in (none of that Su’thun stuff). I know for sure you can get some at None Such Farm Market. Be on the look-out at your local farms and stores, and let me know where it pops up and how good it is.

And while we’re “sighting,” the first peaches are here too! We just had some from Fairview Farm, on Pineville Manoff peachesRoad (just down the road from the Pineville Tavern) this weekend and they were delicious (thanks, Sharon). Manoff Market Gardens on Comfort Road in Solebury also has peaches now, but Manoff reminds that these are “eating” peaches as opposed to the kind used for canning and jamming¬†(not “freestone”). Those come in August. The Manoffs have a great blog too. Check it out.

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I first met Karen McGinn over a bowl of soup. Well, several bowls of soup, to be precise. IChef Karen McGinn attended a cooking demonstration last March hosted by Network Now. You could say that Karen was the main act. She cooked, we watched, we ate and we drank. It worked on so many levels, as the saying goes.

Karen is the chef and proprietor of Heaven on a Plate, a personal chef service, which means she plans menus with her clients, does the menu-related grocery shopping, prepares the meals in your home, packages and labels the meals, and cleans up your kitchen afterwards. With today’s busy families, it’s a service many appreciate because it gives them more time with family and friends.

That cold and dreary Sunday in late March was warmed considerably by Karen, who entertained and educated us about food, nutrition and cooking techniques. Over the course of two hours, she made four soups which we all got to eat along with an appropriately paired wine.

What impressed me most about Karen at the time was how she easily juggled cooking, teaching and serving, never flummoxed, and enjoying every moment. I knew I wanted to interview her for Bucks County Taste.

After playing phone and email tag for a couple of months, we finally settled in on some rocking chairs at my house, and I admitted to Karen that I was using the interview as an excuse to get to know her better. I had a feeling we had a lot in common, and I was exploiting my “press pass” to become friends.


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